Could you post some of Matt playing soccer?

Sure thing! xx

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Have you ever met Matt?

I haven’t sadly (this is Rebecca). I think if anyone of us has even had the closest possibility of meeting him that would be Damla. I think she’s at least seen him in person maybe??


Just wanted to give a farewell to Sara as she is moving on to other adventures! She has decided to leave the blog. She is very thankful for the followers and the members who support this blog. She has decided to focus more on other things and pass the reins onto others. With a grateful heart we will miss her and her edits! <3

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Hey, I have a question. Well, two. You posted a picture from a event where Karen & Matt stood in front of that "You see what it wants you to see." - Poster. What event was this? And do you know why they were there together? Thanks, I ♡ your blog ! xx

That was the LA premiere of “Oculus” which is Karen’s new movie. Matt must have come to support her. :)

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I might just have saved every single picture on this blog.. it's amazing!

Thanks so much! xx

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sorry to be a pain, and your probably super busy but I was wondering if you could post some more photos of matt off set? maybe at big events or small events (love your account btw💕)

You’re not a pain. It’s no problem at all! xo

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