where do all these stories stem from when articles are reported in papers

usually rumors from what they may call “reliable sources” when most of the time a bunch of it is just for the tabloids. that’s why unless I hear it come from the person’s mouth then I usually don’t believe it.

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Can you guys please do some more recent pics of Matt? Or some of his photoshoots with Jenna? Love your blog btw <3

we can post more of his photoshoots with Jenna. As for recent pics, when more come out will are always on it. :)

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hey guys! so since some of you have been asking about us putting some info along with the newer pics, we’ve decided to give it a go. it’ll be easier for everyone to see which are the most current pics versus older ones. hope you like the changes! xx

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Now that it has been rumored that Matt is staying at the house of Lily James, and they were spotted at Glastonbury together, do you think they may be together?

to me it seems like they might be, but nothing official has been stated so no one can be sure.

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